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Victory Unleashed: Conquering Addiction Together

Christian Influence offers a transformative missionary service to help the next generation of young people conquer pornography addiction.

Programs and Services

At Christian Influence, we offer a wide range of programs both on our official Discord server and offline. We provide support for pornography addiction recovery, host game servers, and offer exclusive hosting for Churches and Youth Programs. Our services include connecting with Prayer Partners, engaging in Bible Studies, and organizing special giveaways. Additionally, we have an AI Bible Answer Man for insightful scriptural guidance, conduct game tournaments, host movie nights, and much more, all to foster a supportive, faith-driven community.

Purity Program (Porn recovery)

Victory Unleashed: Conquering Addiction TogetherChristian Influence offers a transformative missionary service to help the next generation of young people conquer pornography addiction. Our mission is to provide essential tools, guidance, and support to young individuals seeking to conquer the grip of pornography on their lives. Through a combination of cutting-edge technology and personalized mentoring, we empower participants to break free from the harmful effects of pornography and embrace a life of strength, purpose, and spiritual growth.

Prayer Partners

Christian Influence is excited to introduce our Prayer Partner Program, an initiative designed to deepen your spiritual journey through shared prayer. In this program, participants are thoughtfully paired or placed in small groups to foster a community of support and spiritual growth. Whether you’re seeking guidance, comfort, or simply wishing to strengthen your prayer life, our program offers the unique opportunity to connect with others who share your faith. Engage in meaningful conversations, exchange prayer requests, and experience the power of praying together. Join us in this journey of faith, where every prayer is a step closer to each other and to God.

Bible Study

Join Christian Influence’s vibrant community on Discord for an enriching Bible Study experience! Our server offers a welcoming space for everyone, whether you wish to actively participate or prefer to simply listen and absorb. Engaging, thought-provoking, and accessible, our Bible Study sessions are perfect for deepening your understanding of the Scriptures and connecting with fellow believers. To become a part of this journey, simply join our Discord and pick up the ‘Bible-Study’ role. It’s a great opportunity to explore your faith, ask questions, share insights, or just enjoy the fellowship. We look forward to welcoming you into our growing community!

CrossPlay: Christian Gaming Servers for Youth and Churches

Christian Influence proudly offers specialized game server hosting for churches and qualifying youth programs. Our aim is to provide a safe, fun, and interactive virtual space that fosters community and engagement among young believers. These game servers are perfect for hosting faith-based events, social gatherings, or simply offering a place where youth can connect, play, and grow together in a positive environment. With our reliable and easy-to-use platform, we ensure a smooth gaming experience that aligns with your church’s values and youth program goals. Let’s harness the power of gaming to build stronger, more connected faith communities!

Pastor Hank - A.I. Bible Answer Man

Meet ‘Pastor Hank’, Christian Influence’s exclusive AI Bible bot on our Discord server! Specially trained to provide clear, Scripturally based responses, Pastor Hank is an innovative tool designed to enrich your faith journey. Whether you have questions about Bible verses, theological concepts, or need guidance on Scriptural interpretations, Pastor Hank is there to assist you with insightful and accurate biblical knowledge. This AI-powered pastor is a testament to our commitment to using technology for spiritual growth and learning. Exclusive to the Christian Influence Discord community, Pastor Hank is ready to support and enhance your understanding of the Scriptures, anytime you need!

Become a Christian Influence Streamer

Apply for Christian Influence’s streaming endorsement to share your faith and positivity through gaming. Unite with a community that values uplifting content and spiritual growth. Benefit from our support in spreading the Gospel through interactive media, receiving guidance, and connecting with like-minded creators. Embrace the opportunity to make a difference and be a beacon of light in the streaming world.

Game Server Hosting

Christian Influence offers Game Server Hosting for Churches and Youth Programs, creating a safe, digital space for youth engagement. It features monitored environments, customizable game settings aligned with Christian values, and opportunities for spiritual growth. This innovative service fosters community, inclusivity, and positive gaming experiences, extending the church’s reach to young people in a familiar, interactive format.

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